EU considering excluding UK from trade talks before Brexit

Brussels is eyeing the exclusion of Britain from updates on EU trade talks amid concerns that the UK could take advantage of sensitive information [in its own post-> > After a briefing last month by Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, the European Commission warned that there needed to be a “discussion about the treatment of sensitive information in the context of certain trade negotiations, to which the UK would continue to have access to while it remained a full member of the union”.

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The situation is complicated by the fact that the EU has the exclusive right to negotiate trade deals for member states, meaning the UK has no legal right to initiate formal bilateral talks with other countries before Brexit happens in 2019.

Trade experts say one option would be for the UK to opt out of the information loop during the Brexit process in exchange for an agreement with Europe to allow it begin bilateral talks before it leaves the bloc.

Financial Times

This option is not optimal. Does the UK have the resources to initiate formal negotiations before the Breixt? Does anyone have any ideas what to negotiate with the UK Before the deal between the EU and the UK is clear?