Google's Plays

. . . 

  1. Google pressed hard to make money on Android (Even though Android is open source, Google has its weapons).

  2. Nest struck a patent licening deal with IV (Noting that Nest obtained access to IV's patent portofolio for defending litigation purposes).

  3. Google bought Nest for 3 Billions (Google wants Fadell, consumer hardwares and perhaps patents).

  4. Google struck a Patent cross-licensing deal with Samsung (Deal "covers the two companies’ existing patents as well as those to be filed over the next 10 years").

  5. Google forced Samsung to stop using its own apps on devices (Don't you want Google Maps or what?)

  6. Andorid is unforkable (explain how Android is designed into two parts, how the Android Open Source Platform (un)maintained, and how Google Mobile Services is closed). Explained supra note well.

  7. Android may be unforkable for most, but there are exceptions. Nokia readies Android Phone (noting that "[t]he Nokia phones will differ from most other Android smartphones, and won't access some Google-developed features or Android apps from the Google Play storefront, said the people familiar with the matter.") Because they can't let Google control its device, and have the means to do so.