Wolf coach

There are two Professors in NCTU law to coach this year's VIS moot court competition. Yesterday I was told by the other coach, Professor Hsueh, that she is like a shepherd dog, and I am like a wolf. The difference is that one bites the sheep, and the other only barks at them. This is of course by no means accurate. Shepherd dogs are certainly more than capable of using their teeth. They just don't use it on their sheep. 

However, it does reveal one thing about my moot teaching style. I do bite.

I think that's necessary when coaching Moot, especially for students used to Taiwanese traditional legal education. Students need to learn how to be a wolf. A fierce animal who cares about every little detail. A fighter who knows how to pick the right tools and take down her enemy with precision.

A student can never be lectured into a wolf. However, she can learn to be one when being forced to be in the battles all the time. Battles any lawyer will eventually face. And it is best to take place in the law school, by a wolf coach who bites with a lot of care.