TextExpander and writing on iOS devise


TextExpander and writing on iOS device.

As some of you know, my wife has just broke her bone. It means weeks, if not months, recovery time. It also means that I, more than always, have to spend time taking care of the kids. It is thus very difficult to find time sitting in front of my computer, more than ever. I will then have to find time writing on my iOS device. There are some useful tools for writing on those tiny devises.

My students would know how much I love the tools that save some tiny bits of time. Things like keyboard shortcuts. It is no surprise that I will use TextExpander Touch on my iPhone. One can take full advantage in using sets devised by Brett Terpstra in Brett’s snippet set for IOS. I am still learning, but this set is truly amazing. For example, when I copied the link from a browser, I can then come back to my text editor and type three characters (so called snippets) and the link is set according to the Markdown language for links. Pretty cool.